Lizzy Borden | My Midnight Things

Some 11 years after 2007’s Appointment With Death comes the polished, cleaner version of Lizzy Borden, titled My Midnight Things the album has been released on the Metal Blade Records label. Formed in 1983 by lead singer “Lizzy Borden” and his brother Joey Scott, the moniker came from the infamous ax-wielding woman who was tried (and acquitted) in the murder of her parents in 1812. My Midnight Things hits (for the most part) on all the right chords, with the songs being musically tight, melodious, most of which are accessible, cheerful, and upbeat and with a certain bit of surprise the keyboards taking a more prominent place than heard on past releases. Heavy guitar riffs are plentiful, but certainly on the hardest song on the release “Our Love Is God.” Overall though, coming across almost not as heavy as that which is heard on Appointment With Death, the sounds heard here rest somewhere between Melodic Metal with elements of Melodic Hard Rock.